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ACH Origination
All ACH features are for Cash Management Customers. Please contact Gateway Bank at 651-209-4800 during normal business hours for questions about Cash Management.

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Please contact Gateway Bank at 651-209-4800 during business hours with any questions you may have regarding ACH origination.

ACH Origination

Make the most of your time with Gateway Bank’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination service. ACH is a time-and money-saving alternative allowing your business to transfer funds quickly and efficiently using electronic processing. ACH Origination allows you to create and release electronic transactions for direct deposits of payroll, payment of invoices, and the collection of receivables through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) Network. ACH transactions are immediate, saving numerous steps and handling procedures. ACH transactions can be programmed for the exact date and time for processing, up to five business days in advance. Manual processing is minimized; ensuring transactions are credited more accurately, confidentially, and securely.

• Eliminate costs associated with paper-based transactions.
• Obtain receivables more quickly.
• Gain greater control of your cash transactions.
• Enjoy safe and secure transactions.
• Receive a complete record of transactions for a precise audit trail.
• Save time and money because there are no paper checks to process, reconcile,
and mail. There are significant cost reductions due to less postage, bill
preparation, mailing and processing.
• Improved forecasting and cash flow. Predictable collection dates and amounts.
• Elimination of 'collection float'.
• Eliminates delayed shipments while waiting for the check to arrive.