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ACH Batch List

The ACH Batch List page is the default page for Cash Management and the landing page after sending an Initiated ACH batch to Farmers National Bank for processing.

This page displays a list of all of your current ACH batches in one location in multiples of 10, 20, 50, or 100.

You may also choose actions from the drop-down menu to manually create new, edit existing, copy, download, delete and send (initiate) batches to the bank.

Sending multiple batches at one time is also available using our Quick Initiate feature by clicking in the box next to the batch and selecting the ‘Initiate Selected’ button.

Each successfully sent batch generates a Confirmation Number. We recommend printing this page by clicking your browser’s print button to retain for your records.

If you do not see your confirmation after initiating a payment, please call the NetTeller Support Help Desk or send us a message through the Secure Message Center.