Welcome to CNB's Net24 Online Banking demo. This demo provides a general overview of Net24 and is designed to give a basic understanding of the features available.

To navigate through the demo you must click on the "Next" button in the frame on the left or by choosing one of the headings in the gray header. When you click on "Next" or a page number, a picture of the page will appear in the main frame. Notes about the page will be in the frame on the left.

As you view this demonstration, you will occasionally notice orange question marks displayed. These question marks indicate that there are additional Tips available for the item next to the question mark. By positioning your cursor on the question mark, additional information is displayed on the left side of your screen in the Tips section.

If you have questions concerning Net24 please contact us by calling at (304)258-1520 or toll free at (888)258-1520.

Click Next to proceed with the demo.