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This demo is best viewed with your browser maximized and monitor resolution set at 1024x768. Tool tips have been provided to display more detailed information about specific funtions. To view them simply place your mouse pointer over the tool tip arrow icon. Scrolling up and down or side to side will assist with viewing the tool tips.

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Welcome to our new interactive demo for FNB Web Banking® for Business

Business customers with a constant need for updated account balances will have a special attraction to FNB Web Banking® For Business. FNB Web Banking® For Business connects your computer via the Internet directly to First National Bank to not only obtain account information from multiple accounts at the same time, but to perform many banking functions you would normally need to visit or contact a branch for.

*View current account history and balances

*Transfer funds between accounts

*View statements for detailed transaction information

*Place stop payments

*Initiate and manage ACH's, Wires, and Positive Pay items

*Download account information to personal financial management software

*View check images

* Reorder checks

Please contact customer service if you have any questions. Call 1-877-380-8573 or e-mail

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